WCF/WF - What is the best way to push to a generic (not .Net) Client over port?

Asked By Tal on 09-Mar-11 10:04 AM
Hello All, I am posting while continuing my futile attempt at mastering Google-Fu.

I need to build an alerting service that pushes data to non .Net clients. 
I believe (maybe incorrectly) port 80 would make things easier.

I was thinking that I could have a WCF endpoint hosted in IIS7, but I have run into a circular mess of goo in my searches.

Some things say just use a socket.
Some hint at Duplexing in WCF.
WebSockets Look Interesting.

Can anyone suggest what you would do and related tutorials? 



Duplex worked pretty well for us but we only used a .NET client - Robbe Morris replied to Tal on 09-Mar-11 01:06 PM

Which was Silverlight...  No issues with firewalls either.