Windows Vista - MS Office - Asked By Fiona on 15-Mar-11 04:28 AM

I am using Windows 2007 version and I have a problem getting the spelling and grammar check to work.  I've looked that the proofing options to make sure that everything is ok and it is. My Word documents are only able to detect grammar errors (green
squigly line) but not spelling errors (red squigly line).

When I select the check spelling and grammar option it only checks the grammar and not the spelling! I have played around with every check box under proofing options but nothing works! Please help! It's driving me insane! 

Ravinder Jamgotre replied to Fiona on 15-Mar-11 05:25 AM
Hi Fiona,

Are you using any of the fonts listed below:
Arial CE
Arial Cyr
Arial Greek
Arial Narrow Special G1
Arial Special G1
Arial Special G2
Bookshelf Symbol 1
Bookshelf Symbol 2
Courier Greek
Courier New CE
Courier New Cyr
Monotype Sorts
MS LineDraw
MS Outlook
Times New Roman CE
Times New Roman Cyr
Times New Roman Greek
Times New Roman Special G1

is so; this is by design and Word does not check the spelling of text formatted in any of these fonts.

To determine whether your font is a symbol or decorative font, follow these steps:
  1. On the Insert menu, click Symbol.

    Word 2007
    On the Insert tab, click Symbol in the Symbols group, and then click More Symbols.
  2. On the Symbols dialog box, click the down arrow in the Font list.
If the font that you are using is displayed in this list, the font is considered a symbol or decorative font, and any text formatted with this font will not be checked for spelling errors.

Hope this helps!


Hope this helps.