WCF/WF - SoapFaultException when invoking Myservice From Remote area?

Asked By Nani on 15-Mar-11 05:14 AM
hi all,
 SoapFaultException when invoking Myservice, saying “contract and binding mismatch between sender and receiver"?

above is my problem,
i have created WCF services and tested in Local(.net), my client is using Java, when ever he is accessing he is getting error like" SoapFaultException saying “contract and binding mismatch between sender and receiver"

my code is :

public class Subscription
  public string errorCode;
  public string errorMessage;
  public string message;
  public string ExceptionMessage { get; set; }
public interface SubscriptionService
  string register(String UniqueId, String appID);
my web.config is :
      <service behaviorConfiguration="ServiceBinding" name="SubscriptionService">

        <endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding"  name="SubscriptionService" contract="ISubscriptionService">



please tell me the where the  problem is

Thank U

rafeeq ahmed replied to Nani on 25-Mar-11 06:19 AM
Your client application which is in Java,should also configure the binding type for the service