Other Languages - diff b/w software engineer and software Developer

Asked By reena mehta on 16-Mar-11 02:15 AM

I am working in a software company.My work is Like coding designing and handling databse.

Now as i am B.E(Bachelor of Engineering)

So what will be my post

Software Engineer  or software Developer
Nowshad M replied to reena mehta on 16-Mar-11 02:18 AM
Programmer:- Focus on writing code as the primary activity of software development, often attached with particular programming languages and parts of a whole software solution. In most cases, junior professionals join in a software house as a programmer (well junior programmer you know).

Software Developer - They are programmers who have expertise on developing a particular type of solution effectively and efficiently. In most cases, software developers are just programmers, may be with a better project experience. In some cases they are known indifferently as software engineers though, I don't think Software Engineers fall under these category.

Software Engineer - A software engineer is somebody who applies a formal or structured approach to the development of software. He thinks about correctness, completeness, reusability and workability that matches the end goal for the finished product. A good and short alternate definition may be - a software engineer is one employed to solve problems by the application of information technology.

reena mehta replied to Nowshad M on 16-Mar-11 02:59 AM
Thanks for reply but tell me what will. i write..

Nowshad M replied to reena mehta on 16-Mar-11 03:01 AM
Now the best designation for you is Software Developer.... May be after two years you are a Software Engineer
reena mehta replied to Nowshad M on 16-Mar-11 03:04 AM
I have two year experience.
Reena Jain replied to reena mehta on 16-Mar-11 03:11 AM

Software developer deals more with the creation of the software and when this is complete, software engineering takes over with the creation of software systems. Both of these disciplines are at times interchangeable and without much difference to the layman. If you just want to have one specific piece of software designed, such as database software that will keep track of your bird watching hobby, then you'll just need software development. If, however, you want your bird watching database to be able to support multiple functions, such as delivering a report with statistics and results, then you'll more likely need the expertise of software engineering.

Software engineers will implement and design software applications through the use of many mediums. These software applications will then be used for a variety of purposes that include business practices to entertainment purposes. It is these software applications that allow users to make their time on the computer as functional and productive as possible. Types of software applications include language applications, office applications, entertainment packages, and applications for education.

so you can decide your position and this is the company that provide the designation to their employee. Most of the IT related company the have the classified working area to each sectors they use the Software engineer and Developers as the classified job the do.

Hope this will help you