Windows Vista - Run DLL - Asked By Arjohn on 16-Mar-11 09:02 AM

Whenever I'm turning on my laptop. There is always this pop-up with the heading "RunDLL"
Then it says...

Error Loading C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\grzxgvwb.dll
The specific module could not be found.

I tried to locate that ...dll something but I cannot find it. Do I need to download that file?
I need help. My laptop is totally sick. :(
Ravinder Jamgotre replied to Arjohn on 16-Mar-11 09:07 AM
Hi Arjohn,

What is this DLL actually trying to do?
is it an application?

Have you AV installed? if so, try running a scan.

Try booting the laptop into safe mode by pressing F8 at startup and see if the error happens then?

may be a virus mate.

Kirtan Patel replied to Arjohn on 16-Mar-11 09:08 AM
it seems some kind of virus scan ur cp with good anti virus software . :) as RunDLL is exe which can execute

function from some DLL File so it might happen that Start up entry is trying to run Function from the named  dll u

said .. but dll is not present at that location that is invoking that error pop up :) Scan with some good anti virus

solution like eset or what ever u prefer :)

Arjohn replied to Kirtan Patel on 16-Mar-11 09:14 AM
Is that a virus? I'm still misled. What should I do again? SOrry
Arjohn replied to Ravinder Jamgotre on 16-Mar-11 09:17 AM
If it happens to be a virus, what should I do?
I've already done a full scan of my entire disk using avast but no virus was detected.
Ravinder Jamgotre replied to Arjohn on 16-Mar-11 09:22 AM
Hi Arjohn,

Try using Trend Micro free to use and run for 30 days, best tool;

if no joy there, then try deleting the DLL as an administrator, either using GUI or command-line;

if no joy there, then try a last known good configuration;

if no joy there, then repair OS;

if no joy there, then format and re-install OS and Drivers;

Good Luck!