Windows Vista - Sudden decrease in performance after Driver Updates

Asked By Paul Boechler on 17-Mar-11 02:55 PM

Recently - I have tried to update all my drivers using a program called "Uniblue Driver Scanner". It showed me a couple of drivers that were quite old - so I went and updated them. Worst idea ever - I was blind sighted by what seemed to be a harmless update. The performance has completely diminished to the point of unusable. My system will take 45min to turn on - I have restored back to before I even installed this program - and experienced breif boost in performance.. only to have it go right back to where I was before the recovery. I am at a loss for why a driver update would almost crash my system. I am running an acer with 3 gigs of ram - which for what I use it for - has never shown any signs of poor performance. Any tips would be greatly appretiated. Thanks!
dipa ahuja replied to dipa ahuja on 17-Mar-11 03:08 PM

Never use unknown programs to update you computer/laptop

you are using windows vista so always update drivers from know website like microsoft