Windows Vista - unblocking my msn it has been hacked

Asked By Alan Byrne on 19-Mar-11 04:29 PM
Hope fully some one can help me out here!
Some one has hacked into my hotmail account , which i would like to get back ,now when i sign into it I am told that This Account has been blocked, It is really annoying that this has happened, I have chaned the pass-word but it don't seem to have any affect,can some help me out it would be great full thz .
dipa ahuja replied to Alan Byrne on 20-Mar-11 04:24 AM
I think if some one hack you account you will get error of wrong password. But because its showing that the accound is blocked that means there is some other problem in hotmail. 

Does it allow you to enter password and accepting you password? if yes then go to troubleshoot option of hotmail you may find some solution there .