ASP.NET - Some methods in webservice not working properly

Asked By anbu n on 11-Apr-11 08:17 PM
web service consumed by our client .. works inconsistently
whereas in our server where we have hosted our web service where we
test by giving parameters & clicking invoke it works fine,, always.

but if the client access our web methods it works most of the time but some time inconsistent because it show s

following exception randomly...

the web service has several methods ... only some methods displays error.

"Unable to automatically step into server.connecting to the server machine'' failed.Logon

failure: unknown username and password"

unable to automatically step into the server.connecting to the server machine failed.the debugger cannot connect

to the remote computer this may be because of the remote computer doesn't exists or a firewall maybe

preventing communication to the remote computer

The first exception comes only when it is debugged.

does this error occurs because of any setting s in our server.or is the server quality or performance is not good?

can any body give any solution....
Peter Bromberg replied to anbu n on 11-Apr-11 08:50 PM
well, "step into" means you are in debug mode. Visual Studio cannot step into code on a remote machine unless remote debugging is enabled.