SQL Server - DB performance very slow - Asked By anbu n on 15-Apr-11 02:11 AM

the following procedure

dt_addtosourcecontrol, dt_addtosourcecontrol_u, dt_adduserobject

are formed in one of the server DB named DB1 , whereas we have  two other DB with same DB structure as DB1 with some what less data but in them above said procedure are not there.

here the first said DB, DB1 with some extra  procedure like

dt_addtosourcecontrol, dt_addtosourcecontrol_u, dt_adduserobject

is very slow when connected to our application, whereas others are fine.

Does the above xtra procedure is the reason for the slow?

is their any way to improve the speed of the DB or check its performance?

Jitendra Faye replied to anbu n on 15-Apr-11 02:19 AM
The most common reasons for slow database performance are related to one or a combination of issues in these areas:
a. Hardware/os-related causes
b. 3rd party application interference
c. Database design
d. Database corruption

Use following solutions-
1.Please check for proper indexing in the database.
2.Try to use the hints where ever possible.
3.If there is extra load on tables then use materialized views for the purpose of generating all the reports.

I hope this will help you.
Ravi S replied to anbu n on 15-Apr-11 02:25 AM

Refer these links

Hope it will help you...good luck