SQL Server - Re-install sql server 2005 - Asked By waseem kaleem on 16-Apr-11 10:12 AM

For some reason,I have to remove sql server 2005.Now when i install sql server 2005,then it install successfully but Instance of sql server is not install.Can any one know that how i resolve this problem?
Anoop S replied to waseem kaleem on 16-Apr-11 10:32 AM
Your previous uninstall not done properly, that's why its causing the problem. refer this for how to uninstall instance of Sql server
waseem kaleem replied to Anoop S on 16-Apr-11 11:54 AM
I have these method but instance of sql server is no installed
Ravi S replied to waseem kaleem on 16-Apr-11 12:16 PM
Hi waseem

Refer the links below.You can know the solution for your query


Hope this will help you
Nikhil Mahajan replied to waseem kaleem on 16-Apr-11 10:31 PM
hey waseem,
this sql server is not installing the instance...because there is already Instance installed on your computer

there are two ways to solve this problem...

1. you didnt uninstalled everything related to sql in "uninstall programm".. so first revoce everything related to sql in uninstall program then restart you system.... then install new sql server....

2. if you still getting this problem.. after doing step 1 .... then when the instance screen come.....there is option whether to go with default instance or Named instance then click on Named instance and name any instance.... simple...

so this way you can sort you problem.......
waseem kaleem replied to Nikhil Mahajan on 17-Apr-11 12:55 AM
thanks for reply.instance screen is not appeared