Visual Studio .NET - .net project - Asked By Kevin on 20-Apr-11 02:42 PM

Let say I have a VS .NET Project where a user can schedule to have their car detail And I want to create another project-B which does the same thing but it's used to schedule to have their house clean.  The only differents between the two is the URL ( http://www.cleancar.aspx)  & (http://www.cleanhouse.aspx). As a novice, can I just make make a copy of Project A and naming it to Project B and just setup the application pool for project B?
Riley K replied to Kevin on 21-Apr-11 12:04 AM
You can't just make a copy, see for car detail you might have created a database which includes fields like carname, car make, model, price, etc etc, and teh design also you might have given ID's to controls like txtCarName etc

You can make little modifications and use it, its better to maintain a new database for house clean with new tables,

Even the Business Logic would be different for both the projects

You have to make slight changes like creating new database, designing forms, changing store procedures, functional logic etc..