Silverlight / WPF - silverlight - Asked By vanitha ramalingam on 22-Apr-11 09:11 AM

hai am working in windows i want to use silverlight,is it possible?
dipa ahuja replied to vanitha ramalingam on 22-Apr-11 09:13 AM

SilverLight is used for web pages.. if you want rich ui in you windows app then you can go for WPF application.
Reena Jain replied to vanitha ramalingam on 22-Apr-11 10:41 AM

Silverlight is primarly for web pages, so you use silverlight only for If you want to use something similar to Silverlight in your Windows Forms applications, I would recommend to use WPF. WPF provides an even richer feature set than Silverlight. In addition, you can more easily use WPF within your Windows Forms applications.

Hope this will help you