SharePoint - Format column description in Sharepoint Designer 2007

Asked By Tammy Hendrix on 27-Apr-11 06:59 PM

I have a column description (that provides info about what to enter in the field) that appears below the field. Is it possible to format the column description in Sharepoint Designer? If so, what would be the steps to change the font to bold red, and to possibly move the description above the field? Thanks.
Ravi S replied to Tammy Hendrix on 27-Apr-11 11:13 PM
HI Tammy

In this link you can know how to format column in sharepoint.

I hope this link will solve your problem

Hope it helps you...
Riley K replied to Tammy Hendrix on 28-Apr-11 12:05 AM
Follows the steps:

  1. Open the site in Sharepoint Designer
  2. Select the list webpart and convert it into XSLT Data View
  3. Select the column text which you want to make as bold/italic right click and take mouse over on Format Item as option and click on Text
  4. Then format the text accordingly.
Tammy Hendrix replied to Riley K on 02-May-11 03:03 PM
Hi Phani,

Thanks for your reply. I'm new to SP Designer, so please bear with me. Why do I need to convert the webpart into XLST data view and how would I do that? And just to confirm, I want to format the text in the column description, not the text that gets entered into the field. Are the steps you gave below the same for that?