ASP.NET - Testing web application performance...

Asked By abdullah khan on 29-Apr-11 03:03 AM
Hello every body,
i want to test a web application performance.
What i want to have short application which should loop the request e.g., if a client
log's in let the application throws this as a request of 500 clients.

A little difficult for me to explain but hope that you have got the idea.
Web application performance testing if more clients are logged in..
Thanks alot in advance
Jitendra Faye replied to abdullah khan on 29-Apr-11 03:07 AM
For  Testing web application performance...

You can use HttpWatch Handler and you can also use ASP.Net Performance Analysis tool( this you will get in Debug menu)

Riley K replied to abdullah khan on 29-Apr-11 03:09 AM
The best tool in town is CLR profiler 4.0 to test memory leaks, performance for web applications,

you can also use Performance tools in Visual Studio go to Debug--->Start Performance Analysis which gives detailed report on function calls etc, time taken etc

Download CLR Profiler form below link


To Know more about CLR Profiler and how to use it refer below links



Hope this helps you
Mihir Soni replied to abdullah khan on 29-Apr-11 03:12 AM

You can use selenium or nUnit testing tool which will be more helpful to you

Please visit below link
Reena Jain replied to abdullah khan on 29-Apr-11 03:15 AM

A number of tools are available to help you test and monitor the performance of your Web application. ASP.NET includes performance counters that you can use to track the execution of your application. You can also use the built-in ASP.NET tracing feature to track code execution for a page or an application.
ASP.NET includes a trace feature that can show you important timing information between successive trace output statements, as well as information about the server control hierarchy, the amount of view state used, and the rendered size of controls on your page. For more information about tracing, see

To view the available ASP.NET counters on a Windows XP computer with IIS installed

  1. From the Start button, click Run.
  2. Enter perfmon in the Open text box and then click OK.
  3. In PerfMon click View Report.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select ASP.NET Applications, select All counters, then click OK.
  6. Select ASP.NET System, select All counters, then click OK.
hope this will help you