C# .NET - How to get the tab handler id and caption in IE

Asked By vidya on 03-May-11 12:09 PM

I took a look at the code mentioned in this site for getting the tab handler id...But how do i get the caption and tab handler id together as i traverse through tabs...am looking to do this for IE 8..please assit

dipa ahuja replied to vidya on 03-May-11 12:13 PM
are you talking about tab control of windows app or ajax tab in web page?
Sahil Kumar replied to vidya on 03-May-11 01:01 PM

IE does not expose the internal workings of it's Tab Browsing infrastructure.  Which is to say, there is no ITabWindowManager interface you can use.  Switching tabs in IE involves a lot more than subclassing the windows.  You have to switch out the ITBar, re-wire all the internal interfaces that connect the frame to the ITBar, update the TabBand UI (which, btw, isn't even written using GDI objects, so you can't do anything to it by subclassing it), etc. You can't do any of these things via external mechanisms.

check out this link

Hope it will help you.

Ravi S replied to vidya on 03-May-11 10:27 PM

refer to the links you might get an idea


hope it helps you..