Windows Vista - Reinstall win xp service pack 2

Asked By ankush on 10-May-11 02:54 AM
hi a was having windows xp sp 2 but since it was slower i installed vista.
but again if i tried to install xp i am unable to install.
It successfully formats but the windows xp installation GUI is not shown.
Provided both were 32 bits.
Bala Marish replied to ankush on 10-May-11 03:06 AM
delete all the partitions and configure again and install .
dipa ahuja replied to ankush on 10-May-11 03:11 AM

check this article:
Riley K replied to ankush on 10-May-11 05:51 AM
You use Windows Vista or Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) 2.0 to create partitions on a hard disk. After you do this, you try to install Microsoft Windows XP on the hard disk without using Windows XP to repartition the disk. In this case, you cannot install Windows XP successfully.

Windows XP Setup successfully completes the text-mode part of Setup. However, after the text-mode part of Setup is complete, the computer cannot be restarted successfully to enter the graphical user interface (GUI)-mode part of Setup. Additionally, the computer may stop responding. You may receive an error message that resembles one of the following:

refer this link