Windows 7 - cannot delete emails using the windows live mail

Asked By lavanya on 15-May-11 12:17 PM
i am not able to delete the emails using the windows live mail please help whats the troubleshooting steps
dipa ahuja replied to lavanya on 15-May-11 01:10 PM
Jitendra Faye replied to lavanya on 15-May-11 11:47 PM
First of all, make sure that you are using the latest version of Windows Live Mail.

To verify, please follow the instructions below:

1.  Open Windows Live Mail.
2.  Click on "Help" then choose "About Windows Live Mail."

Under the version field, it should show [14.0.8117.416]. Otherwise, please download and install the latest version from

After verifying, try the suggestions below for you to resolve your concern:

I. Open your Windows Live Mail program but do not open any messages, access Contacts, Calendar, News or Feeds.

II. Set Windows Live Mail to Offline Mode:

1. Click "File."

Note: If you cannot see the menu bar, in the upper right corner of the screen, click the “Menus” button, and then click “Show menu bar.”

2. Click "Work Offline."

III. Disable the Reading Pane:

1. Click "View."
2. Click "Layout."
3. Click "Reading Pane."
4. Uncheck the "Show Reading Pane" option.

IV. Navigate to the appropriate folders(e.g Sent Items, Deleted Items) in your email account, Outbox, and/or Storage folders(e.g. Sent Items, Deleted Items). Then delete the problematic messages.

V. Set the Windows Live Mail Compact counter to 1 (the default is 100):

1. Click "Tools."
2. Click "Options."
3. Click "Advanced."
4. Set Windows Live Mail WLM Compact counter to 1.
5. Click "Apply."

VI. Close your Windows Live Mail.

VII. Agree to the prompt when WLM is closed to Recover unused Disk Space.


Do not interrupt the process and wait for it to complete.

VIII. Open Windows Live Mail and set the counter back to its default (100) by following the steps seen in (V). Then configure your Windows Live Mail to work online:

1. Click "File."
2. Uncheck "Work Offline."

for more detail follow this-

Riley K replied to lavanya on 16-May-11 12:06 AM
Try this solution

Whether the email that has an error is in the Inbox, Sent Box, or Deleted Box the suggestion was to drag the email, one at a time, into the Drafts Box and delete it from there.

or try this below

Close all programs, boot computer, and then try again.
If that hasn't helped, run a thorough antimalware and antivirus scan.
And if the above does not do it, try deleting the email in safemode.
lihua spb replied to lavanya on 20-May-11 04:11 AM
Firstly please be sure what kind of email serve you are using .If what you use is pop3, Email clients like WLM do Tools-Accounts, highlight the Account, click Properties then go to the Advanced Tab and ensure that the "Leave a copy on the server" is NOT checked.