Windows Vista - Selecting 64-bit version for Wndows Vista while instalation

Asked By kiran on 18-May-11 11:13 PM

Can anyone help me selecting 64bit version of windows Vista while installing.

I usually did n the currently installed version is for 32-bit(windows vista).

Anoop S replied to kiran on 19-May-11 12:16 AM
Microsoft gives both the 64bit and 32bit versions for free as long as you have one of the keys. The keys for 64bit and 32bit are different. To request a 64bit cd to be sent to you, you need to fill this out:

It's free but shipping is I think about $10. They will send you a DVD with 64bit Vista on it. You'll install it but I've heard you need to call them to get yourself a key because like I said the 32bit and 64bit keys are different. Thy person over the phone will ask for your 32bit key and they'll give you a new key for the 64bit.
Note :if you only have a 32-bit processor then you can't install 64-bit  version
kiran replied to kiran on 23-May-11 11:27 PM
Thanks All,

I've installed 32-bit Vista on the primary partition whose size is 20GB, and another 4 partitions of 50GB.

1) Will all my softwares that i already installed on 32-bit Vista work after upgrading it to 64 bit? If yes How can i get   backup as well as restoring done?
2) is 20 GB sufficient for Vista 64 bit? If no how can i increase its size?