Outlook - outlook 2007 deleting my IMAP messages from my inbox after 14 days

Asked By Shelley on 29-May-11 02:43 PM

About 6 months ago I switched my GoDaddy email account from a POP to an IMAP email.  Shortly after that I noticed that emails I knew I once had were mysteriously gone.  I am a compulsive email saver...hardly delete anything....yet emails would suddenly not be in my inbox, my deleted folder, any of my other folders - nowhere.  This was true both in Outlook and on the server through GoDaddy, since the two are set to match.  Recently, after many little experiments, I have discovered that Outlook is deleting my emails from my inbox after 14 days.  Deleting them without a trace anywhere.  They don't go to my deleted items folder, they just vanish. 

I have traced this problem specifically to Outlook (2007) because if I am away from my computer and check emails only from my iPhone, the emails older than 14 days stay in my inbox with no problem.  I was just away for 2 weeks on vacation, and all the old emails remained.  A minute after I had come home, started up my computer, and connected with outlook, the emails older than 14 days were missing.  They are now also missing from my phone and web server (where they had been until opening outlook) because all three of these locations are in sync (the whole point of switching to IMAP).

Autoarchive is OFF, and there seem to be no settings anywhere that tell Outlook to delete messages older than 14 days.  I have done extensive troubleshooting with the folks at GoDaddy but we have not been able to find a single setting that could be causing this.  This doesn't happen to any of my other (POP or Exchange) email accounts, only this one.  Help?  It is obviously a major problem if Outlook is deleting messages on its own - I often have messages older than 14 days that need to be addressed and therefore are sitting in my inbox.

Ravinder Jamgotre replied to Shelley on 02-Jun-11 04:42 AM

Have you for autoarchiving switched on? As by default the archiving setting for Outlook is set to 14 dyas.

Check in Tools Menu and autoarchiving, if ticked and not needed untick or otherwise increase the days. Also to find the old messages check where the archive file (PST) is residing on youir local machine by looking in data file mangement or advanced properties of your mailbox.

You will notice if the above in your case is true a folder called Archive Folder or PErsonal Fodler attached to the outlook client outside of the main mailbox hive.

Hope this helps.
Shelley replied to Ravinder Jamgotre on 14-Jun-11 02:58 AM
Hi Ravinder,

You win by figuring out that I do in fact have an archive.pst folder, which I didn't know I had.  So I guess that IS the problem, especially because its last modified date is exactly 14 days ago.

Now....here are the problems.
a) When I open the archive folder within outlook, all that is there is a sent folder and a search folder....none of the emails from my IMAP inbox that have conspicuously gone missing.
b) All of my archiving settings seem to be OFF.  (I want them off and have not changed them since I originally set up Outlook when I got this computer.)  This is true both in tools, through the main archive settings, the default settings, and the properties settings of the individual folder that is apparently being archived to some mysterious location.  Everything says "do not archive this folder" or autoarchiving is unticked.

So now what?  Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
Ravinder Jamgotre replied to Shelley on 14-Jun-11 04:53 AM
You will need to speak with your ISP (I take it this is not an exchange IMAP, and is an internet mail IMAP account); It seems like the ISP have set a threshold on the account.

Ask them if they stop this or for support from there end as it seems like a server side issue/setting and not client side.