Windows Vista - HP m8125x - Asked By charanjeet on 06-Jun-11 04:00 PM

My computer goes on sleep not not wake up. On reboot and safe mode its works ok. But every I try to reboot normally, its comes on and few minutes later monitor goes on sleep then never wake up. Help.....thanks
Ravinder Jamgotre replied to charanjeet on 07-Jun-11 11:29 AM

Check your Power Management setup. Under Control Panel > Power Management > and setting for timeout are there, set these to never go sleep, I believe the Power Option is "Always On"

Also check you screen saver settings, right-click desktop > properties > screen saver tab. You can also access Power Options from here towards the bottom of the dialogue box.

Hope this helps you.
jen replied to charanjeet on 29-Jun-11 07:50 AM
Same thing happened to me last year.  It started out with the monitor NOT waking up but with a reboot it would work.  Eventually it didn't matter what i did, most of the time my monitor would not stay awake for longer than 5 seconds after a reboot. 

After checking all the power settings (this took some time as the monitor would not stay awake for long), i made a guess and changed my video card.  I haven't had the problem since.