Active Directory - exporting users and mailbox from exchange server 2003

Asked By Ashokkumar S on 10-Jun-11 01:44 AM
i am having exchange server 2003 using it for both mail and ftp server . now i have installed a new server now i want to shift the users and the mailbox from the old server to the new one

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Reena Jain replied to Ashokkumar S on 10-Jun-11 01:52 AM

The Export-Mailbox cmdlet exports all message types, including messages, calendar items, contacts, distribution lists, journal entries, tasks, notes, and documents. However, the Export-Mailbox cmdlet does not export rules.

The Export-Mailbox cmdlet also exports messages from the dumpster. Messages from the dumpster are converted to regular items in the folder or .pst file to which you export data.

here is a good link

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Jitendra Faye replied to Ashokkumar S on 10-Jun-11 03:13 AM
You can open the mail account as your primary mail account and then goto Files...Import and Export to a pst file.

When asked, select top of information store and all sub folders.  In Outlook go to the help file and search for export. All the information you need is there.

mailbox to a UNICODE pst file, this allows you to create a pst of 20gb or so.
You can also use exmerge to export the contents as well.

Jitendra Faye replied to Ashokkumar S on 10-Jun-11 03:15 AM


Export-Mailbox was built to address scenarios where mailbox content needs to be copied from one active mailbox to another without actually migrating the whole mailbox object. Source and target servers used by export-mailbox need to be part of a Single Forest or Resource Forests. That is, mailbox content can only be exported to mailboxes within the same forest.

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