Windows XP - how to delete.... ? - Asked By abdullah khan on 19-Jun-11 12:28 PM

In my system i have some viruses.
How can i format all the drive data apart from a particular directory.
( because the directory occupied space is 10 GB and it shows me only 30 mb free. I dont know what is eating my hard disk. )
I dont have any extra space and no back up plane?. I just want to do *.* apart from a particular directory?

Thank  you

farrukh replied to abdullah khan on 19-Jun-11 12:44 PM
Hi Abduallah khan,

did you try kaspersky removal tool i think this will solve your issue of viruses

* if you really want to delete the right click to my computer--->manage--->disk management then right click to any drive you want to format...

if you want to get back your 10gb data run windows xp live (boot able) this window does not install on your hard disk,it is portable window just plug n play copy the 10gb infected drive data to other drive or make folder in same drive this will save your data to then reboot to your default operating system.

Venkat K replied to abdullah khan on 19-Jun-11 12:46 PM
There is no way for you to format a drive except a folder. The only solution for you is try to scan the hard drive with Anti-virus (either Macafee, avg, or avira) just try to clean the hard drive and then try to browse the files.

If still you are unable to see the files which are deleted or infected with virus, after cleaning the virus you can use GetDAtaBack to get your files back.
Download from here:

Kirtan Patel replied to abdullah khan on 19-Jun-11 01:32 PM
you need to use disk analyzer tools to check what file is occupying the most space on the hard drive get some free disk analyzing tools to check it then scan for viruses .

Here is free tool to check which file causing

Download :
pete rainbow replied to abdullah khan on 19-Jun-11 01:32 PM
maybe download my little directory/file size checket program will help you find where the space has gone?


or in zip form at

bit drastic to format the drive

to save a directory you'll have to copy it off and then format the drive etc and then copy back
Devil Scorpio replied to abdullah khan on 19-Jun-11 03:45 PM
Hi Abdullah,

Start you PC in Safemode, then goto start-> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore -> Now use the option restore my PC to earlier time to restore to earlier time when virus was not dere.

Hope this helps.
Jitendra Faye replied to abdullah khan on 19-Jun-11 11:45 PM
There are several reasons why Windows might not allow you to delete a file:

1. The file might be in use in which case you can't delete the file until the program using it gives it up.
2. The file might be marked read-only.
3. The file name might be so long that Windows can't handle it. File names with more than 260 characters in them are often difficult to delete.

First Check all these.