SharePoint - .dll file - Asked By kings on 06-Jul-11 05:10 PM

I have .wsp file which i have received in which i have  dll file and some xml files..can you please suggest how can i modify .dll file to make some changes in there without having source code ..Please reply as soon as possible..
Peter Bromberg replied to kings on 06-Jul-11 05:15 PM
You can decompile the dll assembly with Reflector. There is also a Reflector add-in called FileDisassembler which will save all the decompiled class files along with a project file to match.
pete rainbow replied to kings on 06-Jul-11 06:38 PM
as reflector is no longer free ( shame on redgate! )

there is an opensource one developed by the nice eople at sharpdevlop


not quite as polished as reflector, but will do what you need

this does of course assume that the dll is .net and not c++ or the like
Jitendra Faye replied to kings on 06-Jul-11 11:04 PM
You need the source code and a compiler suite for that. Most popular here is MS Visual Studio for modifying a DLL or you need to write your own source code for creating a new one.

PE viewers can allow you to debug a few aspects of such DLLs, but you can't change their behaviors with them... you could do that with a hex editor, if you have nothing planning for the rest of your life.

The only working way is getting the source code and essentially change the blueprints to produce a new DLL every time. That is how compilers work.

Hope this will help you.