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Asked By Sian Betts on 13-Jul-11 03:04 PM

I am using Outlook 2007 at work for a big company.

Just recently I have noticed that some of my emails are being tracked "This message is part of a tracked conversation. Click here to find all related messages or to open the original message."

After I have noticed this, I have right clicked on this message to see that quite a few of my messages are being tracked when they mention a few key words! (inbox, sent items etc)

I don't use read receipts, CC many people or flag my messages for follow up.  I am 99% sure, my manager is tracking some of my emails but couldn't see any option to see where the original trace has come from.

Can someone please help me?

Jitendra Faye replied to Sian Betts on 13-Jul-11 11:27 PM
Follow these steps-

1. Open the email in Outlook by double-clicking on it

2. Go to View at the top menu (the menu options for the email, not the main Outlook window) and choose Options.

outlook message headers

You’ll get a dialog box where you can set the message options and at the bottom you’ll see the Internet Headers box. For some silly reason, the box is very small and you have to scroll a lot, so it’s best to simply copy and paste the text into Notepad to view it more easily.

internet headers

Hope this will help you.

Hope this will help you.
Sian Betts replied to Jitendra Faye on 14-Jul-11 01:09 PM
Thanks so much Vickey will try at work tomorrow!

This will really give me piece of mind, to see what they are up to.

Thanks again