ASP.NET - Paypal - Asked By Aksara L.P on 18-Jul-11 02:18 AM

Hi all, I have created business account as follows... with bank account

and Buyer account as follows.... with bank account

in sandbox .....

How to test with these above details .... and i need with C# codings....

Riley K replied to Aksara L.P on 18-Jul-11 02:24 AM

You'll need to set tests accounts through (signup required, separate from your Live PayPal account).

In here, create one buyer/seller account. Change the "action" for your to point to, as opposed to Don't forget to modify 'business' of your button to match the Sandbox seller account you just created.

Devil Scorpio replied to Aksara L.P on 18-Jul-11 02:25 AM
Hi Aksara,

Just follows the steps.

Step 1: PayPal provide lot of thing for developer to integrate PayPal in developer web site. Here our first step is to create a developer account on PayPal so we can test it.

For that just login on PayPal Site

Just create your account over here create a buyer and seller account for testing.
PayPal provide Sandbox site for testing.

A buyer account use for buy something from your site (On Sandbox)
And Seller account use for Sell Something to your buyers on your site means your shops account (for testing on Sandbox)

Step 2:- Once you have done with creating Sandbox work then here we take a task suppose I am a bike seller and I am selling bikes online then I have following page to show bikes

From here user can buy any bike on my site.
And he can do payment by paypal. For this we used PayPal image which you can get by
You can find much option as your requirement.

Jitendra Faye replied to Aksara L.P on 18-Jul-11 02:33 AM

You'll have to use for that. My site runs with Perl, but the way it basically works is as follows:

  1. Customer fills out an order form at my site with their name, address, email.
  2. Customer is being redirected to Paypal
  3. Upon successful payment via Paypal, Paypal calls my IPN-compliant script
  4. My script sends me an e-mail notifying me about the completed order

If the customer does not pay within 30 minutes or so, my database also sends him a reminder with a Paypal payment link for the respective order.

Follow these links also-

Hope this will help you.

Radhika roy replied to Aksara L.P on 18-Jul-11 12:29 PM
Do you want to intergrate PayPal in your shopping cart or web site? Here are some free source code samples to help you get started. The ASP.Net integration code below is coded using the 2.0 runtime environment. 

Download Paypal Integration Source Code ASP.Net - C# (.zip file) 

While we always encourage you to go to PayPal for their official documentation, this sample code will help to jump-start your development efforts as you build PayPal features into your shopping cart. PayPal does offer several ways to integrate with them. This is just a quick starter kit - with no warrantees of any kind. Only download the source code if you agree to these terms.


Feel free to give comments and suggestions. I am willing to update this project modestly if the changes would be beneficial to everybody. If you want a custom implementation of this or technical support, give me a call.  We can do so for a reasonable price.


Features included:

Home page with a "Product List" that have links to add to cart 
"View Cart" Page 
"PayPal Checkout" Page with a link to checkout 
One "master page" you can edit to get a desired look and feel across the website.  
These are designed for an ASP.Net developer.  If you are not an ASP.Net developer/coder, then this starter kit/sample code would be of no use to you.


Basic Steps 

Sign up for a PayPal account. They have personal, premier, and business accounts. You will need to upgrade to a premier or business account to accept credit cards.  PayPal is always happy to let you upgrade. 
Download the source code above 
Put in your PayPal email address in the SendPayPal.aspx page 
Tailor the Master Page to have the look desired 
Add your products to the xml file 
Add your pictures to the pictures folder 
Follow this link also-

Hope this will help you.