ASP.NET - always visible control extender works only one time

Asked By anbu n on 28-Jul-11 11:25 AM
i have a always visible control extender , when i click a link button in grid view..

this always visible control extender triggers / open only first time ... next time it does not work.....
Sreekumar P replied to anbu n on 28-Jul-11 11:48 AM


The AlwaysVisibleControl Extender provides the functionality of placing the control on ASP.Net web page that remains visible and floating over the page content whether you are scrolling the web page or resizing the browser window.

AlwaysVisibleControl belongs to the AJAX Control Toolkit that works with AJAX extensions. ScriptManager is compulsory on top of the web page to work with AlwaysVisibleControl Extender.

You can associate the target control ID with AlwaysVisibleControl that you want to float over the web page. Also you can set the other properties of the AlwaysVisibleControl to fix the position of target control vertically and horizontally.

Sample here :
dipa ahuja replied to anbu n on 28-Jul-11 11:57 AM
Use this way:

Don't know by which reason i am not able to post this code so i capture the screen image