Microsoft Excel - Year - Asked By Dan on 01-Aug-11 11:13 AM

Does any one know how to just display the year in a cell?  If I put in =now() I get the Month/Day/Year. I just want the current year.

Riley K replied to Dan on 01-Aug-11 11:33 AM
If cell A1 has your full date 11/12/1987

Then in cell C1 enter =YEAR(A1)

Riley K replied to Dan on 01-Aug-11 11:35 AM
Use the Year function to display only Year

Formula Description (Result)
=YEAR(A2) Year of the first date (2008)
=YEAR(A3) Year of the second date (2010)
Pichart Y. replied to Dan on 01-Aug-11 11:43 AM
Hi Dan,

use format cells>Custom then in the field type input the yyyy 
**then you get only 2011

pichart Y.
SRE replied to Dan on 01-Aug-11 12:03 PM
Hi go Through This Screen Shot you will find the solution

Right Click on the Cell and select Format Cells

SRE replied to Dan on 01-Aug-11 12:08 PM
HI There is another Solution for this.

Just Enter the Following Formula in the Cell then it will display Year only


Reena Jain replied to Dan on 01-Aug-11 12:43 PM

You can do it in two way
Then you have to go to format cells, change the format to custom and type in yyyy

Hope this will help you
pete rainbow replied to Dan on 01-Aug-11 02:03 PM
you can either format the cells using the usual way, this being the best performance method

or extract the year using the function YEAR, which i would avoid if it's just a GUI thing, but if you really need the data then use
Dan replied to pete rainbow on 01-Aug-11 02:52 PM
Wow, thanks for the response, all answers have been very helpful. Thank you.
Jitendra Faye replied to Dan on 02-Aug-11 12:47 AM
Yes, now() give give you complete date.

if you want to use only year then use year() .

like this-

= YEAR(your Cell value)