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Asked By kudzi on 08-Aug-11 05:54 AM

Im working on a form in MorphX,the form has 6 different datasources already and im supposed to add a tab that is going to have two groups which are basec on two other tables.how do i male a link between these two forms datasources?

Jitendra Faye replied to kudzi on 08-Aug-11 05:57 AM

To Join Data Sources as a Single Data Source


  1. In the AOT, expand the form, and then expand the Data Sources node.

  2. Press CTRL-D to open a second AOT, expand Data Dictionary, and then expand Tables. The AOT lists the tables you can use as a form data source.

  3. To add tables to the form data source, drag two tables and drop each table on the Data Sources node of the form in the first AOT. The tables are added as data sources to the form.

  4. Identify the table you will use as the primary data source. The other table will be the secondary data source.

  5. Click the secondary data source, and set the JoinSource property to the name of the primary data source.

  6. Set the LinkType property of the secondary data source to InnerJoin, OuterJoin, ExistJoin, or NotExistJoin.

  7. Create the form design, and add controls that display fields from the joined data sources. Typically, you use a grid control to display the data from joined data sources.

  8. You might have to add code that updates data in shared fields. This step depends upon the design of your form and might not be required for all forms with joined data sources.

    For example, you create a join between two tables using Table1.Field1 and Table2.Field2. Since the fields are identical, only Table1.Field1 appears in the form. However, a change to Table1.Field1 on the form does not automatically update the value of Table2.Field2. To update Table2.Field2, add code to the modified method of Table1.Field1 that updates the value of Table2.Field2.

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Radhika roy replied to kudzi on 08-Aug-11 11:05 AM

Joining Data Sources to Function as a Single Data Source-

  1. Add both data sources to the Data Sources node in the form.

  2. Set the JoinSource property on the secondary data source to the name of the main data source.

  3. Set the LinkType property on the secondary data source to InnerJoin, OuterJoin, ExistJoin, or NotExistJoin.

    The LinkType property settings are described later in this topic.

  4. Create the form design, and then display the relevant fields from the form data sources. Typically, you would choose a grid control for your joined data sources.

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