Other Languages - c++ nodes - Asked By murtaza rampurawala on 08-Aug-11 11:32 PM

typedef struct node                                                
      int data;               // will store information
      node *next;             // the reference to the next node
respected sir please tell me what is this node is it some datatype?            
Jitendra Faye replied to murtaza rampurawala on 08-Aug-11 11:41 PM
Yes, is is structure datatype, which contains the collection of int and Pointer to the node structure.

Using this you can create memory for a strcture or block.

Hope this will help you.
JAYA PRAKASH replied to murtaza rampurawala on 08-Aug-11 11:47 PM
 Hello Dear,
You are defining node of a linked list. node is a user defined data type that has two parts, data and a integer pointer called as *next to have the address of the next node in the linked list.
Jayaprakash B.
Anoop S replied to murtaza rampurawala on 08-Aug-11 11:49 PM

NODE A node is user defined structure.  A node has at least two fields  data field and link field. Here the following figure shows a node.


It is not necessary that a node should have two fields we may have more than one data field.


here  data1,data2,...data n  are the data fields. The data field may contain Integer data or string data or a character data.