Visual Studio .NET - visual studio 2008 debug issue

Asked By jenn on 18-Aug-11 05:18 PM
okay, i am at a total loss here:

i have been working fine on a project- and it has a bit of graphics in it.

all of a sudden, i added a graphic- went to see it in debug mode- and it is not there!

i did try this on the other forms as well- and it was the same thing.

i then tried to add a picture box, and making the background of the controller white (on a black background) and it does show the controller- just not the graphic.


i went to my other computer, and launched my project,,,with the same new graphic.

so then i launched an entirely different project and tried to add an entirely different graphic...and got the same graphic, only controllers!

It is allowing me to add menu items and any of the controllers..just the newly added graphics will not show.

out of desperation i deleted the sln and also the debug databases..

not sure what the problems seems to be?????????
Anoop S replied to jenn on 19-Aug-11 12:18 AM
Some times msdbg2.dll is missing from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG. just copied from different system and run the command regsvr32  "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\msdbg2.dll"

refer this also
Asked By jenn on 19-Aug-11 10:04 AM

okay, now its gotten weirder.

i am now able to rename my form...insert a picture box and load the graphics directly from the picture box.
but if i try to load the graphics into resource file and then call it from there...gooooood luck with that!!!

so..what i am doing is renaming the form.
load the graphic into the picture box
debug it (and it shows)
then rename the form back to its original name....

and then save it and back up my work to a thumbstick...

i have not done any of your guy's suggestion yet- because i was hoping we can pinpoint the problem exactly before i start jacking around with the internals..but they both sound like GREAT suggestions, and am willing to give it a whirl once i get over this god awful freaked out feeling!!

Radhika roy replied to jenn on 19-Aug-11 12:37 PM

To switch to the Debug or Release configuration quickly

  • On the Standard toolbar, choose either Debug or Release from the Solution Configurations list box. This toolbar is not available in the Visual Basic Express or Visual C# Express.

To switch to the Debug or Release configuration


  1. In Solution Explorer, select the project.

  2. On the View menu, click Property Pages.

  3. Click the Build or Debug tab, in a Visual C# or a Visual F# project, the Compile or Debug tab, in a Visual Basic project, orConfiguration Properties, in a  C# project.

  4. In the Configuration drop-down list, click Debug or Release.

Hope this will help you.

jenn replied to Anoop S on 19-Aug-11 12:48 PM
thank ya AnoopS..ya once again have saved my hide! :)

had a bit of trouble doing this, but have seemed to manage a comparable work around!

Asked By jenn on 19-Aug-11 12:50 PM
thank ya Tom for your suggestion. i did not try it because i went in and mangled (lol) the dlls that Anoop S suggested.
but it does sound like it would be a very solid fix for this problem and im sure it will happen again to me- at which time i will try your suggestion :)
jenn replied to Radhika roy on 19-Aug-11 12:54 PM
thanks for the response Radhika Roy, but i was unable to find the options you mentioned. i am using vs 2008 full..but still was not able to find such things you listed.

the problem has been resolved anyway, by using Anoop S method. so again i thank you for the suggestion! :)
Anoop S replied to jenn on 21-Aug-11 11:59 PM
Hi Jenn
Nice to hear your problem solved, have a nice day