Other Languages - How to wait for an application to respond before sending keys !!!!

Asked By Renjith on 21-Aug-11 10:30 AM
Hi Team,
   I am using vbscript to install Printer Driver. I need an interactive installation. So i'm invoking PD setup and proceeding with Tabs and Hotkeys(SendKeys). But after license agreement, a dialog will search all network printers whose response time can delay from 10 Seconds to 1 minute. So is there any way in which i can query the installshield status and if the operation is over, i can proceed with the next sendkeys. Please dont ignore and please help me as i have been googling for abt 2 months........


Robbe Morris replied to Renjith on 21-Aug-11 11:04 AM
VBScript eh?  Are you sure that is a good choice?  One of the major issues you haven't run into yet is the myriad of anti-virus platforms out there that will very likely judge your vbscript installer to be a potential virus and not permit it to run at all.  Also, trying to do this with SendKeys isn't a particularly reliable method across Microsoft operating systems.  From experience, I can tell you this is not a good choice of tactics.

Good luck...