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can i know interview question on .net
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refer this

Basic .NET, ASP.NET, OOPS and SQL Server Interview questions and answers.

  • What is IL code, CLR, CTS, GAC & GC?
  • How can we do Assembly versioning?
  • can you explain how ASP.NET application life cycle and page life cycle events fire?
  • What is the problem with Functional Programming?
  • Can you define OOP and the 4 principles of OOP?
  • What are Classes and Objects?
  • What is Inheritance?
  • What is Polymorphism, overloading, overriding and virtual?
  • Can you explain encapsulation and abstraction?
  • What is an abstract class?
  • Define Interface & What is the diff. between abstract & interface?
  • What problem does Delegate Solve ?
  • What is a Multicast delegate ?
  • What are events and what's the difference between delegates and events?
  • How can we make Asynchronous method calls using delegates ?
  • What is a stack, Heap, Value types and Reference types ?
  • What is boxing and unboxing ?
  • Can you explain ASP.NET application and Page life cycle ?
  • What is Authentication, Authorization, Principal & Identity objects?
  • How can we do Inproc and outProc session management ?
  • How can we windows , forms and passport authentication and authorization in ASP.NET ?
  • In a parent child relationship which constructor fires first ?

MVC ASP.NET Q & A series

  • How to create a simple "Hello World" using ASP.NET MVC template? - Lab 1
  • How to pass data from controller to views? - Lab 2
  • Can we see a simple sample of model using MVC template? - Lab 3
  • How can we create simple input screens using MVC template? - Lab 4
  • How can we create MVC views faster and make them strong typed by using HTML helper? - Lab 5
  • Can we see how easy it is do unit testing for MVC application? - Lab 6
  • What is MVC routing? - Lab 7
  • How can we set default values & validate MVC routes? - Lab 8
  • How we can define actions & navigate from one page to other page? - Lab 9

WCF, WPF, Silverlight, LINQ, Azure and EF 4.0 interview question and answers

  • What is SOA, Services and Messages ?
  • What is the difference between Service and Component?
  • What are basic steps to create a WCF service ?
  • What are endpoints, address, contracts and bindings?
  • What are various ways of hosting WCF service?
  • What is the difference of hosting a WCF service on IIS and Self hosting?
  • What is the difference between BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding?
  • How can we do debugging and tracing in WCF?
  • Can you explain transactions in WCF (theory)?
  • How can we self host WCF service ?
  • What are the different ways of implementing WCF Security?
  • How can we implement SSL security on WCF(Transport Security)?
  • How can we implement transport security plus message security in WCF ?
  • How can we do WCF instancing ?
  • How Can we do WCF Concurency and throttling?
  • Can you explain the architecture of Silverlight ?
  • What are the basic things needed to make a silverlight application ?
  • How can we do transformations in SilverLight ?
  • Can you explain animation fundamentals in SilverLight?
  • What are the different layout methodologies in SilverLight?
  • Can you explain one way , two way and one time bindings?
  • How can we consume WCF service in SilverLight?
  • How can we connect databases using SilverLight?
  • What is LINQ and can you explain same with example?
  • Can you explain a simple example of LINQ to SQL?
  • How can we define relationships using LINQ to SQL?
  • How can we optimize LINQ relationships queries using ‘DataLoadOptions’?
  • Can we see a simple example of how we can do CRUD using LINQ to SQL?
  • How can we call a stored procedure using LINQ?
  • What is the need of WPF when we had GDI, GDI+ and DirectX?
  • Can you explain how we can make a simple WPF application?
  • Can you explain the three rendering modes i.e. Tier 0 , Tier 1 and Tier 2?
  • Can you explain the Architecture of WPF?
  • What is Azure?
  • Can you explain Azure Costing?
  • Can we see a simple Azure sample program?
  • What are the different steps to create a simple Worker application?
  • Can we understand Blobs in steps, Tables & Queues ?
  • Can we see a simple example for Azure tables?
  • What is Package and One click deploy(Deployment Part - 1) ?
  • What is Web.config transformation (Deployment Part-2)?
  • What is MEF and how can we implement the same?
  • How is MEF different from DIIOC?
  • Can you show us a simple implementation of MEF in Silverlight ?
refer links also
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To whatever interview you attend basics are the most important, no matter how much ever experience
you have

Here are few commonly asked questions buy may vary from organization to organization 

  OOP's concepts are the most basic important thing you should be perfect with
  .Net Framework related questions like CLR, CLS, Assembiles, DLL
  They will also test your logical and analytical, problem solving skills by asking you to solve some puzziles
code snippets etc

Validation Controls
Data Controls like gridview, datalist and common operations on them

Having WCF, Silverlight is an Advantage

And also from database side they will ask  you about Normalization and some queries

The project that you have involved in and how you handled different issues during development


All the best

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these are site.. but they can also other question which are not even in this site..