Deployment - for Authenticator details in software proposal

Asked By hiren dhameliya on 26-Aug-11 07:36 AM

 I want to know what is authenticator details . I have submitted software proposal to one institute . They answered me like that you have not include authentication details .  I want to what is authenticator details .Please reply me as soon as possible.  send me example of proposal . i am going to make on line book store ....

please reply me soon as... possible   
dipa ahuja replied to hiren dhameliya on 26-Aug-11 07:42 AM
Authentication means you can say security of you software. When you provide authentication only person who have the login details can use your software.

If you don't provide the authentication feature then everyone can use your software easily. You should provide the authentication so only person who have authentication detail  can use it. 

Because when client will use the the software , he will store the important data, so at that time its very important to restrict the out side users
Irfan Khan replied to hiren dhameliya on 26-Aug-11 04:13 PM
Authentication is the mechanism whereby systems may securely identify their users. Authentication systems depend on some unique bit of information known only to the individual being authenticated and the authentication system. So you provide permission to users to maintain different levels of security, as per the application requirement.