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Hi all,
   i want to write documentation for a project, i dont know how to write, what are the content should be present, can any one explain me please. refer some link to read.
Cos mos replied to chitra ganapathy on 05-Sep-11 02:12 AM


Please refer this link

chitra ganapathy replied to Cos mos on 05-Sep-11 02:38 AM
sir, i didnt get clear from that site... i am very blank in documentation. please tell from the basics
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I think you should ask this from you seniors, Or see the project documentation of those who have already made


In website or internet you will find many formats. But better to ask you faculty about format of the project Documentation.


When we had project Documentation we have to add the following things :


The following details must be put in the power point presentation / project report of project during the university examination:

·    Name of students

·    Project Title

·    Organization Detail where project done

·    Introduction about project

·    Hardware / Software requirements for project

·    Project Study detail  

·    DFD

·    HIPO

·    State level Diagram

·    ER Diagram

·    Database Design

·    Relation between tables

·    Input screen

·    Reports

·    References

·    Thanking


Anoop S replied to chitra ganapathy on 05-Sep-11 02:53 AM
the documentation of the project is nothng but the detailed theory of the concept u r workng with.... and this includes many things.. u need to follow the Rules & Regulations provided by the IEEE which are important, while preparing the documentation part...

... and I will giv u the IEEE format of the documentation... try to follow them...
--> The 1st page in the documentation shud consider the details abt the Project Title, names of ur Team Members, Name of the Department and ur college details with Icon.

--> The 2nd page in the documentation is the CERTIFICATE of the college and it shud be attested by the Internal Guide and ur HOD.

--> The 3rd page in the documentation is the CERTIFICATE givn by the Company/Organisation/Industry/ u hav workd for the project, with the genuine authorisation.

--> The 4th page in the documentation is the DECLARATION done by you...

--> ACKNOWLEDGEMENT will be the 5th page in the documentation part.

--> The next page shud hav the Index/Table of Contents of the project. The Index shud be presented in the IEEE format.... which is givn below :-
1. Abstract
2. Company Profile
3. Introduction (Purpose, Scope, Terms, Acronyms&Abbrevations, Overview)
4. Overall Description (Interface Requirements of System,User, Hardware, Software, Communication, Functional)
5. Technical Documentation (Coding Technology )
6. Diagrams
7. System Design
8. Screens
9. Testing
10. Bibilography

Reena Jain replied to chitra ganapathy on 05-Sep-11 03:11 AM

According to me you should develop document in stages. The high-level portion should come first, and before you begin coding (Sections 1 & 2). The detailed descriptions, though, can be filled in as development progresses. If you really understand the domain, that section should be able to get filled in fairly early in development. If you are unable to fill it in, thats a sign the solution isn’t very well defined.

Also, when writing for a manager, the document should focus on the end-user or business benefits of a decision. A nicely segmented and loosely-coupled object model doesn’t mean anything to most managers. A robust system that isolates change, allows parallel development, and reduces interaction problems means much more.

check these for tips