ASP.NET - how to get DevExpress Dll - Asked By Anto Bilson on 05-Sep-11 02:48 AM

  HI friends..

 i've downloaded some .NET source code from Net But the code has added referrence  called DevExpress dll  ..the dll not there in that project folder so i couldnt run the source code ..  i tryed to get the dll from net but it will not work the same error will be displaying.. those corresponding dlls contains yellow color warning symbol.. so pls any one give me solution


error msg :
Error   1   The type or namespace name 'DevExpress' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)  

smr replied to Anto Bilson on 05-Sep-11 02:53 AM
You can create a new project, a class library, and setup your classes how you normally would.  When you build the solution, a DLL will be created in your bin folder that you can then add as a reference to your web project.  After adding it, just reference it like any other reference that you add.

dipa ahuja replied to Anto Bilson on 05-Sep-11 03:02 AM
Two options you have for this:

1. Remove all the entries of DevExpress from the web.config file

Remove all the <assemblies><add> tag which contains the dll of DevExpress

2. Add/Update the dll of DevExpress dll from the BIN directory of you project

Download/Buy the dll of DevExpress control from : 

and add : Right Click on project -> Add Referece -> add that DevExpress Dll
Anoop S replied to Anto Bilson on 05-Sep-11 04:45 AM

I also had this problem, and its 'cause you need to indicate whether the references will be copied to the output directory, to do this fallow the next steps:

1. Select any of the reference you are using from on Solution Explorer

2. Go to "References"

3. Do right click on any of the DevExpress References your are using.

4. Choose "Properties" and on "Copy Local" property, set a "True" value.

5. Build and Run your app! again ;)

Anto Bilson replied to Anoop S on 05-Sep-11 05:27 AM

 hi Mr. Anoop s

 I've tryied to set the property of Copy local is True.. but it automatically changed the property is false after i key up

what will do mr. anoop

 pls give me solution

Anoop S replied to Anto Bilson on 05-Sep-11 06:37 AM
There will be some property you need to set it to false, after that you can change to CoplyLoal  value to true, just for eg:

There is a property named 'EmbedInteropTypes' for MSHTML.dll. Set that to FALSE and then, you will be able to change the CopyLocal value to TRUE.