ASP.NET - use of <% %> which is used in aspx(html design code)

Asked By anbu n on 06-Sep-11 01:05 AM
here is the below code , which has used <% %> symbol,
can anybody explain the usage of <% %>


<% If Request.QueryString("t") = "HEAT CRAMPS" Then%>
<strong>HEAT CRAMPS</strong><br>
<i>Signs & Symptoms:</i><br />
<strong>Treatment:</strong><br />
dipa ahuja replied to anbu n on 06-Sep-11 03:40 AM
When you want to write the code in the .aspx page then we use the code block.

Because aspx page is mark up page and it contain everything in the tag <> format , we have to use the <% ... %> sybmbols to write the code in the .asxp page

Its called code render block.

Hope you get it