Microsoft Excel - No one seems to know, especially me

Asked By Dan on 10-Sep-11 05:40 PM
I have data in two columns.  In column A:A I have years and in column B:B I ahve months.  Lets say on another sheet someone select the year 2001 from a dropdown and in another dropdown the month August.  So we have 2011 and August.  I need a macro to look in A:A for the year and find the month August and her is the key, return or tell me the row.  Below is and example. I need to find row3 with a macro.

      Column A;A  Column B:B
row1  2010        July
row2  2011        May
row3  2011        August
row4  2011        March
wally eye replied to Dan on 10-Sep-11 11:27 PM
If you put this in as an array formula, it will return the row:


Note, type in:


and press ctrl-shift-enter to make it an array.
Pichart Y. replied to Dan on 10-Sep-11 11:44 PM
Hi Dan,

Could you please attach you sample file, now I am not sure if there is any thing wrong? Understand your file, then can solve the problem, may be only 30-40 records is enough.


Pichart Y.
wally eye replied to wally eye on 11-Sep-11 12:11 AM
Note, in my test data I had the table in A&B, with the lookup values in D1 & E1.
Dan replied to wally eye on 11-Sep-11 07:29 PM
I figured it out, Just had to reaarange some.

Thank you for your help, I appreciated it.