Lounge - unhandled system exception in GP - Asked By elans on 12-Sep-11 08:49 AM

it would be great help if anyone can give me a solution on following exception in GP, i am getting this exception while hitting the GetCustomerList() method in GP webservice.
"The application encountered an unhandled system exception.  Contact your system administrator for details."
Reena Jain replied to elans on 12-Sep-11 08:52 AM

This looks like it's a Dynamics GP Web Service exception. Open the Dynamics GP Exception Management Console (from Administrative Tools on the Start menu) and see what exceptions have been logged. Most likely, it's a permission issue with the web service. The messages in the Dynamics Exception Console will tell you if that's the case.
The web service security settings are cached. If I recall correctly, the cache is refreshed every 20 minutes. So, it make take up to 20 minutes for your settings to become effective. That's probably why your change didn't seem to take effect. You can restart the Dynamics GP Service Host (a Windows Service) to force the cache to refresh.

Hope this will help you
Jitendra Faye replied to elans on 12-Sep-11 09:29 AM

There are too many error to read. but anyway, back up everything.

then use the control panel, add/remove programs [programs and features], but instead of select the repair program. 

this fix has been helpful for us in the past, specially those errors in BP that we cannot understand anymore.

 be sure to back up applications and databases.