Lounge - Am I suitable for a business analyst position

Asked By Lucy Margret on 15-Sep-11 04:00 AM
Hi all,

This is not a technical doubt, however its been bothering me.
 Here it goes, I am a person with an IT background and have about 6 months of experience in working with asp.net and sequel server. I am a very good conversationalist,have good analytical skills and have adequate knowledge about the functions of a business analyst. I have a professional degree( B.E )
Am I a suitable candidate for a Business Analyst position?

Thanks in advance..

Unlikely - Robbe Morris replied to Lucy Margret on 15-Sep-11 02:41 PM

You'll need a lot more than just conversational skills, some programming experience, and experience working on project requirements to be a business analyst.  There is an awful lot more to that job than you might think.