ASP.NET - Automated Recurring Billing - Asked By Naresh Kumar on 17-Sep-11 03:29 AM

Hi All,

Please any one explain Automated Recurring billing in Payment Gateway Integration. How it works? in simple terms.

Thanks in advance.
Riley K replied to Naresh Kumar on 17-Sep-11 04:28 AM
You can dot that using PayPal integration to your site

 PayPal has introduced a powerful product called PayFlowPro (PFP), which with some customization will achieve exactly the results you are looking for! This white paper will demonstrate how to set up recurring billing with PayFlowPro.

Devil Scorpio replied to Naresh Kumar on 17-Sep-11 05:01 AM
Hi Naresh,

Here is the complete procedure to Integrating Electronic Payment Processing for Automated Recurring billing into ASP.NET Web Applications

Hope this helps :)
Reena Jain replied to Naresh Kumar on 17-Sep-11 07:00 AM

PayPal supports several types of payments:

  • Payments for goods in the PayPal cart. PayPal is responsible for all operations supporting the cart in this case. Unfortunately, this option does not provide the maximal flexibility that is required for implementation of some projects, so the article does not consider this option.
  • "One click" shopping. Goods are not put into the cart in this case. This method is also used to pay for goods in a cart that was filled without PayPal. That's why this option provides maximal flexibility and full control of a cart.
  • Recurring billing or subscription. PayPal provides a subscription capability which means that a definite sum will be periodically transferred from the user's account to the seller's account. The user can unsubscribe anytime. The seller can specify the subscription's period and cost. He can also organize a trial period to let the user assess the quality of the services he provides. The trial period can be either paid or free.

Have you looked into PayPal's IPN variables?

Typically you have to cancel then reapprove a new subscription... but perhaps you can use the variables some how to do that programmatically.

for more check this