Lounge - How Can I Extract Website "Store Locator" Data

Asked By Gary Anderson on 06-Oct-11 05:46 PM

Hi - I am looking to extract locator data from this website into a flat file (csv for example). The web page says there are 28,000 locations (records).

The on-screen locator does not allow just selecting a state (that would be fairly easy with 50 states) and limits the max results to 100. The biggest chunk of data I can get at one time is by zip code, but I would have to know every US zip code, which I don't and even doing it that way would probably result in thousands of duplicates as I would be over-lapping zip codes.

Is there any web scraper or similar free utility that would be able to extract this data... with minimal or no duplicates?

Thanks for any ideas!

Kirtan Patel replied to Gary Anderson on 16-Oct-11 10:43 AM
it depends on the site how site is designed if site is designed with flash like thing it will be impossible to scrap it . there are some tools available in the market about data scrapping but they are not working in all the site at all .

better you should code your self by learning about HttpWebRequest and WebResponse + RegularExpressions to do the task programatically..