SQL Server - Full Text search Script...??? - Asked By shah zeb on 07-Oct-11 02:33 AM

I shifted from sql server 2005 to sql server 2008 to take advantage the full text search.
My question is when i define the full text search on Table and define those columns which i want to be indexed.
i want to know that can the sql server 2008 management studio generate the script for this whole activity.
As normally when we create/change the stored prcodure/tables it can generate the script for us.

What i want is create the script of the changes made for the full text search. so that other machines running the same db should only have to run the script and get the results.

I hope my problem is clear.
Suchit shah replied to shah zeb on 07-Oct-11 02:59 AM
Yes it can generate the gull text search script ... one way to get those index when u r generating the script it ask u on wizard to generate the script for full text search over there choose Yes and u get the scipt for full text search

shah zeb replied to Suchit shah on 07-Oct-11 03:27 AM
Thanks for reply.
Suchit shah
i want to know more regarding your solution.
The options in the script generator looks little confusing.
Just for while consider yourself in a situation in which databases are stored remotely.
you made changes to the databases and now you need to generate the script of all the changes you made to the database.
I can't see myself any option which can generate the script with alter option.
Those are just "CREATE".

I hope problem is clear
Suchit shah replied to shah zeb on 07-Oct-11 05:11 AM
That thing also u can do it... once u select Yes and Click Next at that time it display all table, SP,function of ur DB... so from there i would say select any table where u have done the changes and from there u can generate the Script of the thing which u have recently created... so in that way u dont required to take the script of each and every thing u just get the updated or created record... yeah but in this selection u have 2 do... that because we know what change we do so according to our requirement we select those thing and got the script for latest changes