ASP.NET - optimize the grid view haing large amount of data

Asked By muthuraman alexander on 10-Oct-11 08:11 AM
hi All,

i have a gridview control in my page
Actually it was not like a normal gridview cntrl
it was a nested gridview to show up the master details from the database

i dnt want to use pagging and sorting in the gridview becas the need is to display everthing in a single page
Everything was working what i expected but i want to improve the performance of that particular page means want to reduce the response time from server
i using only that grid view in that page other conrol is executing in that particular page

how can i improve the performance ...?  any advice ...?

thanks in advance
Chintan Vaghela replied to muthuraman alexander on 10-Oct-11 08:24 AM

You need to use AJAX
dipa ahuja replied to muthuraman alexander on 10-Oct-11 02:53 PM
To increase the speed of SQL SELECT query, you can analyze the following issues: 

· property value  
· Available indexes for conditions from WHERE clause  
· Rewriting a query with OR conditions as a UNION  
· Available indexes for JOIN conditions  
· Available indexes for ORDER BY clause  
· Available indexes for GROUP BY clause  
· Select from in-memory tables  


At the front UI

Use Update Panel
Use particular column instaed of (*) in the select Query