Other Languages - Enterprise portal and Dynamics AX 2009: Problems doing an edit form

Asked By ana gonzalez on 11-Oct-11 11:24 AM
Hi all, I'm trying to do an edit form in Enterprise portal with Dynamics AX 2009.
First of all, I have a web page with an web part with a grid and a datasource, and in this web page, I have a connected axapta toobar with the previous web part, through the AxContextList .
Also, I have a web menu with an element that is an url web menu item to my edit web page, and this web menu has like parameters "mode=1".
This edit web page, has an axgroup with the columns for editing.
Ok, the problem is that when I click in one row of my grid, and I click in my web menu item of my axapta toolbar, my edit web page appear, but the current item for editing isn't the item that I have selected, and this item is always the first item.

Thanks in advance for your help, because for me this problem is difficult to explain.

Anoop S replied to ana gonzalez on 15-Oct-11 11:42 PM

Whenever you are  linking webpart you should make sure that the EDT defined for the Datakey should have link corresponding to its own table means in the EDT declaration use should have relation referring its own table

you can refer this for more details