ASP.NET - WCAG error in website - Asked By muthuraman alexander on 12-Oct-11 02:03 AM

hi ALL,

in my project ( site)
when i build the site it showing WCAG error

my assumption is , this may due to absence of alt property in image tags
But after i added the alt property the error remains

this error i got now only with the same code i working for a long but previously i didnt got his error

please i need help for this

Jitendra Faye replied to muthuraman alexander on 12-Oct-11 02:05 AM
The WCAG consists of 14 guidelines. Each guideline, in turn, consists of one or more checkpoints that further clarify the guideline. Each checkpoint is ranked with a priority between 1 and 3. To make it easier to implement the guidelines, the W3C has published a set of documents that contain techniques for following the guidelines

Hope this will help you.
Suchit shah replied to muthuraman alexander on 12-Oct-11 02:07 AM
check for more detail about common mistakes
Riley K replied to muthuraman alexander on 12-Oct-11 02:09 AM

You can use ASP image control to show your picture.

And use Attributes.Add to add attribute alt onto image control in Page_Load to achieve the purpose with WCAG.


The style can be defined still like with img control.


Suchit shah replied to muthuraman alexander on 12-Oct-11 02:10 AM
muthuraman alexander replied to Riley K on 12-Oct-11 02:11 AM

thank you for your reply

but it showing some 300 error message
how it is possible to code for each one in every page
please advice

thanks in advance