IIS - IIS converting virtual directory into application

Asked By shah zeb on 14-Oct-11 03:50 AM
I am using windows 2003 server.
How can i convert a virtual directory into an application.

dipa ahuja replied to shah zeb on 14-Oct-11 03:54 AM
Try this way

shah zeb replied to dipa ahuja on 14-Oct-11 03:58 AM
NO i am not usuing iis7
i am using windows 2003 server
which is having iis6
Jitendra Faye replied to shah zeb on 14-Oct-11 04:07 AM
Converting Virtual Directory into an Application.

1. If you had placed your website folder in the wwwroot folder of your system then, 

2. Open the IIS from the programs menu and locate the website folder, this located under the default website node.

3. Right click on this website folder and select properties.

4. This will open your website properties window.

5. Select the directory tab and click the create button in the Application Settings section. Now you can see the application name field enabled and your website converted into an application.

6. Click OK.

7. Test your website in the Internet Explorer by entering http://localhost/mysitename

8. Your site should work fine, if not you may have some other problem.

Hope this will help you.
Anoop S replied to shah zeb on 14-Oct-11 05:13 AM
Add virtual directory as application in IIS 7

A virtual directory is a directory name alias (also referred to as path) that you specify in IIS and map to a physical directory on a local or remote server. The directory name then becomes part of the application's URL, and users can request the URL from a browser to access content in the physical directory, such as a Web page or a list of additional directories and files. If you specify a different name for the virtual directory than the physical directory, it is more difficult for users to discover the actual physical file structure on your server because the URL does not map directly to the root of the site. 

Setting up a virtual directory as an application will allow you to run ASP.NET applications and also allow you to configure the virtual directory separately from the main site. Normally all settings and configuration will be inherited from the parent site or IIS server.

1. Log into your server using RDP.

2. Click on start and then administrative tools and then Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

3. Click the plus sign next to your server name to expand it.

4. Click the plus sign next to Sites to expand it.

5. Right click on the site you wish to add a the virtual directory as an application too.

6. Click Add Virtual Directory.

6. Fill in the alias field and the path to the folder for which you wish to create the virtual directory for.

7. Click OK

8. Expand the site you just added the virtual directory to and right click on your new virtual directory.

9. Click convert to application and then click OK.