Other Languages - Reg: Crystal Report New Page Insertion

Asked By Ramachandran on 14-Oct-11 10:14 AM
Please Help my Crystal Report Query

For Eg I am having Pic1 as header , Pic 2 as Footer and Data1 as Content

I am in need of Pic1 and Pic 2 for the three pages and Data1 in first page.
Data2 with group list in second page and Data 3 in third page how to implement this in crystal report.
please help me i am new for this crystal report.
Jitendra Faye replied to Ramachandran on 14-Oct-11 10:17 AM
To add a second page, you add a section to your report and mark that to be on a new page. 

Then you can add the content as needed. As for ignoring the header and footer from the first page, use a conditional expression to suppress the header and footer (or parts of each).

 The conditional expression could be something like: (PageNumber mod 2) = 0.  This would suppress all even pages.