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Please tell me a  Best  tutorial website for learning crystal report from basic to advance in step by step Implementation Process in screen shot examples
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U can go for the below links for that


All this are very good tutorial for beginer
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A report added to a Visual Basic or C# project is a "strongly-typed" report. A report source file, containing a report class specific to this report, is automatically created for it. This report class has ReportClass as its base class. For more information on the ReportClass class, please refer to the derived class

  • Click on Project Menu
  • Click on Add New Item
  • Choose Reporting -> Crystal Report
  • Choose Create As Blank Report
  • Right Click on Database Field in Field Explorer of Crystal Report
  • Choose Database Expert
  • Choose Project Data -> ADO.Net DataSets ->
  • OK
  • Drag Each Field in Database Fields into Crystal Report
check these links for more help
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