Other Languages - Reg : Crystal Report - Asked By Ramachandran on 15-Oct-11 03:11 AM

I am in need of three pages with same page header and same page footer with different Page contents. i have made three detail section A, B and C  Specifying B and C with New Page Before Check box ticked. But now it is showing 6 pages first, second and third pages for two times total six pages how to reduce this to three pages showing first , second and third to show only one time
Reena Jain replied to Ramachandran on 31-Oct-11 09:23 AM

use a stored procedure to fetch the data.  In the stored proc, you could create duplicate records, which CR will read and create duplicate labels.
I don't know of any other way of creating variable multiple outputs.  Joining directly to the tables will give you 1 record, unless the tables you are using and the join condition creates duplication.
The simple answer, in a round about way, is that CR will not create records, it will print the rows that it finds.  If it only finds 1 row, it will only print 1, but if it finds 100, it will print the 100. So you need to create the correct number of rows and CR will print them.