Deployment - windows server 2008 /aspnet application deployment

Asked By shah zeb on 18-Oct-11 06:27 AM

I am deploying an application on the windows server 2008.
Every thing is ok but the images are not loading.
I have already tried these some links for help
but did not help.

What is the reason that every thing loads except images?

dipa ahuja replied to shah zeb on 18-Oct-11 06:52 AM

Web Deploy – And Why Should You Care

Deploying a web application or site involves several steps. You typically need to:

  • Copy files and folders
  • Provision database schema and optionally populate database content
  • Set appropriate read/write and security ACLs on files and folders
  • Install and configure SSL certificates
  • Deploy other misc dependencies (Event logs, GAC libraries, COM objects, etc)
shah zeb replied to dipa ahuja on 18-Oct-11 07:22 AM
thanks for reply.
but ultimately after alot of googling
this solve my issue.

dipa ahuja replied to shah zeb on 18-Oct-11 07:27 AM
good :)